Gable is from Marilyn's first litter and has started out his show career in grand style. 


Already a top 5 beagle for 2012 in limited showing, at the Southern California Beagle Club Specialty Show, Gable started off 2013 by winning Best in Specialty Show under noted Italian beagle breeder judge Mr. Paolo Dondina. 


Gable exemplifies hound type, has wonderful front construction, and is a joy to watch on the move.


Watch for Gable as he is shown at selected beagle specialties with Bruce and Tara Schultz on the lead.






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BISS GCH Barrister's Manhattan Melodrama


CH Just-Wright Southpaw



\Gable BISS Southern Callifornia Beagle Club Specialty 2013 Gable Group 1 under Keke Kahn Gable Group 2 under Donald Gill Gable Group 3 under Karen Wilson Gable Group 3 under Christopher Neale
BISS - Dondina GRP 1 - Kahn GRP 2 - Gill GRP 3 - Wilson  GRP 3 Neale
  Gable Group 4 under Pat Ulloa Gable BOW under Lou Guerrero Gable free stacked Gable Side Gait  
  GRP 4 - Ulloa BOW - Guerrero Gable Free Stack Gable Side Gait