Marilyn's Puppies


Marilyn carried on her mother’s tradition as a wonderful producer.


Marilyn's first litter produced four champions, including two top five beagles and the 2013 NBC 13 Inch Bitch of the Year. 


Marilyn’s second litter produced two more champions, including a top ten beagle. 


In recognition of her get, Marilyn won Best Brood Bitch in Show at the 2013 NBC Specialty.



  • GCH Barrister's Windstar My Fair Lady
  • BISS GCH Barrister's Manhattan Melodrama
  • BIS BISS GCH Barrister's Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
  • CH Barrister's Monkey Business
  • GCH Barrister's Fire In My Heart




GCH Barrister's Some Like It Hot





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Marilyn Audrey Gable & Carat Monkey Adele